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Chitasil Hand Sanitizer


CHITASIL Hand Sanitizer: Natural hand sanitizer, which has been tested by the laboratory,

99% effective at killing germs.

Varian : Strawberries, Melons And Bubble Gum

Price Rp.7500



Customized for several Occasions

The Label is Customizable

Price List

100 Pieces      Price Rp. 6000

>300 Pieces    Price Rp. 5500

>500 Pieces    Price Rp. 5000

>1000 Pieces  Price Rp. 4500

CHITASIL Hand sanitizer
How to use :
Spray it on the hands before eating,after eating, and for activities that require clean hands.


Available at Tokopedia : BerkahInovasiKreatif


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