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KITOBE : Concentrated natural food fiber drink

KITOBE is a beverage that contain chitosan with

100% natural ingredients from INDONESIA

WHY Consume KITOBE ?

Chitosan is natural food fiber that extracted for

Shrimp shell which has  benefits for human body

Such as :

  1. Help reduce blood fat and cholesterol
  2. Help prevent blood, brain and heart disease
  3. Help reduce blood pressure so it can prevent diseases caused by hypertension
  4. Help strengthen liver function by breaking down Toxic in body.
  5. Help Increase insulin sensitivity to reduce blood sugar for diabetics.
  6. Help digestion by increase bacteria in the intestine
  7. Help reduce cancer risk
  8. Help Improve Immunity

Price Rp.40.000

How to use :
1. For detox and reducing cholesterol, consume 5ml KITOBE mix with 200ml glass of water after eating. (2 weeks consumption for each bottle)
2. For diet, consume 15 ml KITOBE mix with 200ml glass of water after eating.(1 week consumption for each bottle)

Available at Tokopedia : BerkahInovasiKreatif

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