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PT Berkah Inovasi Kreatif Indonesia is a startup that innovates processing various agricultural commodities in Indonesia into high value-added products. Our journey began in 2018, produced chitosan from shrimp shells (by the product of the frozen shrimp Industry). The superior commodity that we are currently processing is chitosan produced from crustaceans (shrimp shells, crab shells, etc.)Currently We have 3 Categories derivative products from chitosan Beverage, Edible Coating and Hand Sanitizer.


Become a startup company which focus on developing integrated technological innovations in agricultural commodities that produce a high value-added products and environment friendly also beneficial to society



  1. Become A Local Company That Can Maximize The Potential Of Agricultural Commodities Goes To Global.
  2. Become A Company That Is Committed To Producing High Value-added Products And Has An Awareness Of Environment.
  3. Become A Company That Can Give A Positive Social Impact


The PT BIKI Production Room is standardized by BPOM so that the resulting product is guaranteed to be have standard and quality.

Currently PT BIKI has 3 Types of Business Units:

1. Chitosan based commercial products:

CHITASIL Edible Coating: A natural coating that maintains freshness and quality of fruits and vegetables.

KITOBE: Concentrated natural food fiber drink

CHITASIL Hand Sanitizer: Natural hand sanitizer, which has been tested by the laboratory,

  99% effective at killing germs

2. BikiFarm

We work with local farmers’ partners in the Cipanas Cianjur area to help market the organic vegetable products that they harvest every day. Not only that, we help educate farmers to the process of packing vegetables so that the added value of farmers is higher and the welfare of farmers increases.
3. BIKI Souvenir

We provide various kinds of unique agricultural souvenirs
(hand sanitizer, soap, shampoo, tissue culture, etc.)
for various purposes (wedding, birthday party, aqiqah, seminar, reunion, etc.).

– Integrated Technological Innovations in Agroindustrial Sector –